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Urine color: pale yellow translucent. Healthy urine should be light yellow, transparent, no sediment, turbidity. But a lot of factors affect urine color, such as water, temperature changes and food, the drug’s effects. When there is much water, urine, like water, are colorless; when there is much less water, sweat, urine may be a beer-like yellow, which is normal.

Urination frequency: no more than 8 times a day. Yang Yong, Director of Urology Peking University Cancer Hospital told the Times reporter of life, in theory, a man urinating should not exceed 8 times a day. 7 times during the day, night 1, this is the best. “But with a different water intake, urination during the day 4-6 is normal. “Xu Qingquan added that nocturia preferably no more than 2 times, more if you drink water before going to bed, to urinate with the increase in the number, it is normal. But if you didn’t drink much water at night, always urinate, pay attention to the disease.

Urine output: 1500 ml per day. Our daily urine output should be about 1500 ml, but because people have different water intake, as long as the urine output of more than 400 ml per day, less than 3,000 CC, no problems. Urology expert Xu Qingquan reminder, urine output less than 400 ml a day, performance is less urine; and more than 3,000 ml, belongs to the urine.

Man: after urinating off the perineum

Best pee standing up. Andrology Society, Chinese Medical Association, Chairman-designate, Peking University third hospital, Director of the Center for diagnosis and treatment of andrological diseases Professor Jiang Hui said, male best standing urination, because the male urethra is s-shaped, when standing, under the influence of gravity, natural discharge of urine. If you sit and urinate, urinary tract become hooked, compression, resulting in pelvic hyperemia, relatively difficult to discharge in the urine, and a long, bladder, urethra inflammation may occur. Squatting to pee of urethral pressure changes, urine can flow back to the bladder, is also easy to induce inflammation.

Don’t sit down immediately after urinating. Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Sciences male chief physician Guo June noted that male urination if immediately sit down, reverse flow of urine causing residues, bacteria in the urinary tract the opportunity easily induced prostatitis. After urination, finger in the perineum between the scrotum and anus squeezed out, it helps to drain the residual urine in the bladder, also for the treatment of Chronic prostatitis have some kind of benefit.

Urinate very representative capacity. Many men pee voice, strength and length of time to measure capacity, in fact, that there is no too much. Sexual performance depends to a large extent erectile hardness and durable capacity associated with penile blood microcirculation, has nothing to do with pee.

Don’t have to worry about the occasional urine fork. Urine fork occurred, due mainly to the urethra or urethral openings are blocked, such as holding back increased bladder pressure, big easy to temporarily change the urine during urination forces crossing patterns, resulting in urinary fork. Due to some of the semen left in the urethra after ejaculation in male, coupled with erectile dysfunction have not completely disappeared, Pee fork. Either of these conditions are normal, but if there is a sustained, high rate of urinary fork, going to the hospital to get checked.

Woman: do not use wet paper towel privates

To dry after urinating. Gynecological physician Sun Lifang reminded Beijing jishuitan hospital, female privates skin darker, more wrinkled, a little urine after, if not dry in time, residual urine underwear makes a very moist, providing bacterial hotbed. “Be sure to use a clean toilet paper when you wipe wipe after visiting, preferably not with a damp paper towel. “Sun Lifang explained, is because a lot of wet wipes has added chemical ingredients, to the disadvantage of women’s private parts of health; after and wipe with a damp paper towel, damp problems will still exist.

Wash hands before and after urinating. Compared with male, female urinary systems more vulnerable. Female urethra is short, and closely linked to the bladder, outside bacteria easily upstream along the urethra into the bladder and cause a urinary tract infection or inflammation. Therefore, women should wash hands before and after urinating, no bacterial penetration.

Learn maintenance, urinary flow. World Health Organization survey shows that 8-10 times higher incidence of urinary tract infection in women than in men, in order to get urinary tract is more open, women usually pay attention to maintenance. Gynaecologist Sun Lifang recommends that women should drink more water and less holding back, regular cleaning of the vulva, and change my underwear.

Judge pee has three health indicators

In urology expert Yang Yong’s view, are three indicators to judge whether a man urinating health, urination is effortless, holding up urine, urine pale yellow translucent. Once appeared in one of the following symptoms for a long time, attention to health issues.

Frequent urination, excessive urination. If it is not more than 8 times the number of urination caused by drinking too much, it is called urinary frequency. Urology expert Yang Yong said: “increased frequency of urine, reduced urine output at a time, may be the decline in urine of the bladder function. If you pee more, but no reduction in amount of urine, is polyuria, there may be problems with the metabolic functions of the body, such as diabetes. “If the urinary frequency at the same time, also accompanied by urgency, painful urination, discomfort, should be alert to the risk of urinary tract infections.

Micturition time gets longer, continuity is not good. Male urination significantly longer bad continuity, ticktock, dysuria, urinary weak, aging males increased number of nocturia symptoms are signals of prostate disease.

Urine bubbles, smell. When urinating, increased if you find bubbles in the toilet, especially the first bubble bubbles clear urine in the morning, may be caused by kidney disease should be taken to the hospital for urine routine examination, increased protein in the urine. If the urine smell of rotten apples, suspected to be an indication of diabetes.

Abnormal urine color.

Red: indicate there may be excess red blood cells in the urine, called also “hematuria”, mostly by the kidney, stones, prostatitis, bladder cancer and other causes. If there is a severe lower back pain, accompanied by hematuria, mostly caused by stones, such as kidney stones, ureteral stones, etc.

Color of soy sauce: it is because the red blood cells in the urine is due to the extensive damage, may also be acute Glomerulonephritis, acute hepatitis with jaundice and hemolytic jaundice.

White: it seems that milk, sometimes mixed with white clots or blood, description of chyle in urine, from filariasis, lymphatic blockage or kidney.

Yellow urine: Berberine, b vitamins and other drugs can cause urine to turn yellow. But without the pills, yellow urine color and lasted more than half a month, is to be vigilant. Urine color is too yellow, often heralded a liver and gallbladder diseases, such as hepatitis, gallstones, biliary obstruction, obstructive jaundice and other diseases.


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